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David’s Dollar Tree Haul #2

Today is Friday,  January 16th,  2015 and I am back to this blog with my 2nd Dollar Tree haul.  I got a lot of stuff this time,  and I actually bought snacks.   I said I wasn’t going to buy snacks … Continue reading

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David’s Dollar Tree Haul #1

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog called David’s Dollar Tree Hauls. I am a blogger who likes to blog about almost anything that I take interest in, and I’ve seen other people online posting videos on YouTube (mostly women – in fact, I think only women – but whatever) of the dollar deals they got at Dollar Tree. Since I don’t really do personal videos to post online (even though I do have a YouTube channel), I thought it would be fun to start my own blog, and share some things I buy at Dollar Tree, or some things I see there that I thought were cool and that someone else may want to look for when they go to Dollar Tree.

So let me get started with showing some things I bought at Dollar Tree yesterday (01/02/15 – Friday). I only bought a few things, because I really didn’t need a lot of things, and also because I really didn’t see a lot of interesting things that didn’t look like junk during my last visit to Dollar Tree yesterday, so this will not be an extremely long blog post.

dollar_tree_2015_001 The first item I have to show is this set of four 7″ round disposable baking pans. I did not know, or never really paid attention that Dollar Tree sells these, and I also had never seen a 7 inch size for these types of baking pans. I have only seen them in a 8 inch size which generally come with only 3 at wally world. So I was happy to find these as I think they will be better suited for baking my jiffy cornbread (you know I love me some cornbread and blackeyed peas). So if they work out alright, I am sure I will probably stock up on 5 or 6 more sets of these on my next trip. I think it was a great deal to get 4 of these for just a $1.00, and they had many other sizes as well, like the meatloaf style pans which I use a lot when I make my frito chili cheese pies so I’ll probably need to get some of those on the next trip as well.

dollar_tree_2015_002 The second item I picked out was this set of blue plastic plates. I got 4 of these for a dollar. I got these because I can’t stand washing big dishes all the time, and I go through paper plates like you would not believe, which can get expensive for me because I can’t stand flimsy paper plates so I always have to buy the thick coated types of paper plates to get any satisfaction. I thought I would try these to see if they may help to save any money, and as far as washing dishes goes, I’d rather to be able to rinse these off and be done with it than to have to run a sink of dishwashing water for something heavier. I don’t own a dishwasher so paper and plastics work out great for me in the kitchen.

dollar_tree_2015_003 The last items I have to show are these color changing led plastic candles. I have a fixation on light up led products, especially ones that are decorative. I think they are just fun to look at. I was recently in wally world about a week ago and I saw a set of led real wax candles called Luma Candles (one of those “as seen on tv” products) that were really cool, and even came with a remote control… and I wanted a set really bad…. mainly because they came with a remote control….. I mean how cool would it be to be able to change the color of your fake light up led candles from across the room right? Anyway, I just couldn’t see myself at that time forking down $20 dollars for that set of candles…. although I’m not gonna lie… I still want them something serious. So anyway, I saw these at Dollar Tree and I thought these look kind of cool, and might be something that can calm my desire for the better set of candles I saw at wally world, although these are definitely on the cheap side of quality, so I don’t know how long they will last. I like that they have a glittery glow on the sides of them and these do change colors from yellow, green, blue, red, and I think purple as well. I’m pretty sure they were meant for Christmas decorations, but I’m not concerned with that as they look like they will be just fine for general decorative use. They use a tiny CR032 battery (like where do you even get those at – ebay maybe?) and the label says total 60 hours, so I don’t expect to be able to use these for a long time without having to replace the batteries, and they are kind of flimsy… actually a lot flimsy so they’ll probably fall apart in a few months if they even last that long, or just end up in a box somewhere after the batteries die and I get bored with them lol. All in all, I knew this was a cheap product so I don’t have any huge expectations, and I got six of them which was a lot less than the other candles I wanted, and still want, so I’m just going to let myself be happy with these for awhile.

I am planning my next trip to Dollar Tree on or around Thursday, January 15th, 2015, and don’t have anything specific in mind at this point that I need to get, other than some more of those baking pans if they turn out to work well for me, and maybe some snack items (although I generally don’t buy too many snacks at dollar tree). I think a lot of the snacks they have are a rip off, because even at just a dollar you really don’t get a lot of food in some of those packages, and you can end up spending a big pile of money, and think you are getting a lot, but then might really not be getting a lot. I might look at some of the frozen food items to see if there’s anything worth getting there, but to me, when it comes to food/snack items, I think Dollar Tree can be kind of tricky in getting any value.

Let me mention a few things I saw on my last trip to Dollar Tree yesterday that I thought was kind of cool, but didn’t buy…

I saw a cool string of led lights that had some green plastic leaves on them. I almost got a set, but I didn’t, but now I was just thinking that they might can be used to make a cool little night light craft thing being that I like growing houseplants… you know like get a tiny flower pot, fill it with rocks, put a tree branch in it, and string the lights on it… so maybe I’ll get a set of those, if they still have any on my next trip to Dollar Tree as well, but on the other hand I’m thinking that this would be just one more thing I’d have to buy batteries for lol… so who knows?

I also saw a couple of cool key chains I almost bought. One was a Batman key chain, and the other one was a Superman key chain. I almost bought them for no other purpose than I just thought they were cool, and I thought I would start a new hobby of collecting key chains… I know that’s kind of 1980’s’ish which kind of was the whole point in a way, but I decided not to get them… maybe another time. I was more focused on finding something that lights up on this last Dollar Tree trip and pretty much filled the bill with those cheap candle lanterns I got. The other stuff I got was just a “hey I can probably use that” type of purchase.

So I know I said this was not going to be a long post, but whatever… that is it for this post. This is definitely not my first Dollar Tree haul. It’s just the first one I am posting about since this is the beginning of the new year in 2015, I thought it would be fun to start a blog about it after seeing before that it seems to be a pretty popular subject out in the YouTube channels, and probably other blogs as well. I generally don’t buy a lot of stuff when I go to Dollar Tree. I mainly just like to find a few cool things when I can, so I’ll probably not have any huge hauls to post about on this blog like a lot of other people do, but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens on my next Dollar Tree trip in a couple of weeks and I’ll post about that when the time comes.

I wonder are there any other guys out there that do the “dollar tree haul” thing?

Thanks for visiting and click follow if you want to see what happens on my next Dollar Tree trip. Continue reading

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