Snacks I Like So Far From Dollar Tree

This is an intermediate update post about some of the snack products I recently purchased and found that I like.


This is generic brand tortilla chips,  and generic brand nacho cheese dip with Campbell’s mild salsa.  I like all 3 of these products.   At first I didn’t like the nacho cheese dip,  but it kinda grew on me… and then I couldn’t stop eating it.  In fact I had to make myself stop eating so I could type this blog post on my phone and take the picture. 

So I think for 3 dollars this makes a great nacho/salsa meal and is what I’m having for dinner tonight,  and I will definitely buy these products again.  While this certainly isn’t restaurant quality nacho/salsa,  it’s definitely a satisfying meal on a budget.   I really like the Campbell’s salsa.


About David

I am a photographer, artist, craftsman, outdoorsman, blogger, and owner of Mudpix Magazine, a self published photo magazine featuring my outdoor photography, residing in East Alabama. Photography and getting outdoors are my two favorite things.
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